Care Planning Associates Janet L. Howes, LMSW-C/M, ACSW

Clinical depression is a psychiatric disorder characterized by a pervasive low mood, loss of interest in usual activities, and diminished ability to experience pleasure.

Although the term "depression" is commonly used to describe a temporarily depressed mood when one feels "blue," clinical depression is a serious and often disabling condition that can significantly affect a person's work, family and social life, sleeping and eating habits, general health, and ability to enjoy life. The course of clinical depression varies widely: depression can be a once in a lifetime event or have multiple recurrences, it can appear either gradually or suddenly, and can either last for a few months or be a life-long disorder. Depression is a major risk factor for suicide; in addition, people with depression suffer from higher mortality from other causes.

Clinical depression may be isolated or be a secondary result of a primary condition such as bipolar disorder or chronic pain.

I have worked extensively with people coping with depression in its many forms. Each person is different in how they handle their feelings and what triggers those feelings. Understanding what is happening in your world can lead to finding effective ways to apply cognitive techniques and, in some cases, chemical adjustments to improve your ability to successfully manage your situation.

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