Care Planning Associates Janet L. Howes, LMSW-C/M, ACSW

Death and dying are a natural part of the world for each and every one of us yet there may be nothing more personal or complicated when we consider coming to terms with our mortality or that of a loved one.

I have had experience in assisting many people with the unique demands that this eventuality places on individuals, families, caregivers, and friends.

It might be finding loving and appropriate care for a family member with special medical requirements. Perhaps you are struggling to cope with the unexpected loss of someone close to you. Or maybe you seek to manage your own end of life in a way that is dignified, peaceful, and acknowledges the needs and feelings of those you leave behind.

None of these situations present easy answers but there is support to be found and, by exploring the specific nature of your own situation, there are choices to make and resources to help make them with confidence and peace of mind.

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