Care Planning Associates Janet L. Howes, LMSW-C/M, ACSW

I have been working with Huntington's disease (HD) families since 1988 and as a medical social worker and therapist since 1971. Formerly the social worker for the Huntington's Disease Society of America (Michigan Chapter), I continue in an active role with the HD support community.

I have presented information about HD to a wide variety of audiences and have extensive background in the complex issues of Huntington's disease and its effects on individuals and families.

My book, Is Daddy OK? A Kid's Look at Huntington's Disease, addresses issues, challenges, and helpful tips for families (especially kids) coping with HD in a loved one. It is based on years of professional training, real experiences, as well as a proven understanding of the challenges posed by Huntington's disease and the people who work to overcome those challenges.

Contact me for questions about counseling, insurance, and more information.