Care Planning Associates Janet L. Howes, LMSW-C/M, ACSW

Relationship challenges come in all forms. You might want to improve the way you are perceived by and interact with a spouse, parent, child, coworkers, or a group of people. Problems in our relationships with others can stem from a variety of factors and can manifest themselves in complex and numerous ways. Similarly, the way to manage these challenges and make changes for the better must be specific to your situation.

Many relationships can struggle during periodic stresses such as financial uncertainty, legal difficulties, separation, relocation, issues with other family members, substance abuse, health concerns, and other outside pressures. Friction can also build between people due to communication difficulties, differing opinions or perceptions, erosion of trust, or interpersonal conflict.

But there are often some quick ways to narrow down the focus to what one wants and what possible changes can most effectively get desired results. Consider exploring some techniques with you to understand where you are and where you want to be. I have considerable experience in working with individuals and couples in many situations and finding ways to make positive and lasting changes in troubled relationships.

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